Committed to Reusable Software

This sector of cyber-space exists to harbor my rants and somewhat disjoint thoughts on the subject of software reuse, particularly in the context of systems and embedded systems development.

Every great endeavor has a well defined goal, just as every journey has a destination. Without goals, we are reduced to wandering aimlessly. The goal is used to test each decision, each turn made on the journey. The path may wander to overcome obstacles, but the destination must remain clear. Like a journey, there are frequently many roads that lead to the realization of a goal, some more direct than others. Likewise, there are also many dead end roads which, at the crossroads,  appear to lead towards our goals. Early in the journey we make many wrong turns, unable, due to our lack of commitment or experience, to discern the paths more likely to lead nearer the destination.  Some paths appear inviting and easy, luring us away from our destination. Those we meet on our journey can either help or hinder us, but we learn from each encounter. Our experiences teach us how to choose our paths more wisely. We learn that a path that is chosen only because it appears easy is rarely the best. The road is littered with those who have given up, and those who have abandoned the original journey because they are satisfied with something they have encountered on the way. Sometimes, you have to climb the mountain. Sometimes, you have to climb the mountain alone.

My goal is to realize the promise of reusable software.

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Who is this guy?

What are his motives?

Exactly what does he mean by software reuse?

What is the promise of reusable software?