The boys at the track

Dixieland Nationals
6/25/2002 Wild Horse Creek
6/29/2002 The Pit
7/11/2002 Noonday
7/13/2002 The Pit
7/14/2002 Noonday
7/16/2002 Wild Horse Creek
7/18/2002 Noonday

7/20/2002 Red Bud

8/ 3/2002 Macon State Qualifier

8/10/2002 Red Bud

8/17/2002 The Pit

8/20/2002 Wild Horse Creek

8/24/2002 Wild Horse Creek State Championship Pre-Race

8/25/2002 Wild Horse Creek State Championship

You may notice a slight bias in the subject matter of my photographs. Ryan (10X) and Adam (8I) get most of the attention from dad's camera. I am, however, trying to change that a little. Also favored in the subject matter are the guys/girls in the lead, and riders I've met (typically boys in the same class as my own).

I generally take about 20 pictures per event (a limitation of my 8MB Compact Flash card), but I only post the ones that meet some fuzzy quality standard. The more pictures I take, the higher my standards become. Otherwise things start to look the same.

Those who aren't interested in the technical side of things can stop reading now ... It all started last Christmas when Kim and I purchased a small Nikon digital camera.

I use the medium resolution of camera (1600 X 1200 pixels). After I download them to my computer via a USB connection, I edit the pictures using the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is an Open Source Software package (free) similar to Adobe Photoshop.

My computer is a 200MHz Apple Powerbook G3 (Wallstreet) laptop with 196MB of RAM, running the LINUX operating system. Did I mention that I hate monopolies (e.g. Micro$oft)?

Using the GIMP, I reduce the resolution of the photographs to 800 X 600 pixels, and a set of "thumb-nails" at 160 X 120 pixels.

Some of the HTML is written by hand (hey ... I'm a softare engineer OK?), and some of it is done using Netscape Composer.

By the way, Bellsouth (my ISP) has anounced that they are going to change the way they serve my web page, so the URL may change soon. I am NOT happy about the new plan, but I'm not sure they care.