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Welcome to my parcel of "cyber-space".

The old man and the boys.

Geek Stuff

Hey ... it's what I do. This is where you'll find all my wild ideas about embedded software. Over the years I have developed a stash of opinions and source code while on the quest.

BENV Classic, a software build environment supporting reusable software, is available and documented (mostly). Please use it, ask questions, and send any feedback you like.

OSCL V1.2, a GPL open-source class library that I developed to demonstrate my rather narrow view of the notion of reusable software is available for download here.

Also available are three projects to help you try out BENV and OSCL.

To build this stuff:


The choir link will take you to the MIDI files that I produced using the open-source music program called Rosegarden to help our church choir learn new music faster.

DMV Music

This link will take you to some music written, performed and recorded by my good friends and I circa 1990 .


Cobb County BMX recently built a BMX track near our home. Throw in two boys and a new digital camera and you've got an excuse for pictures.

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